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  1. Student

    XF Addon [Xen-Soluce] Like or Reply to Download Resources 2.1.0

    Description : This add-on requires your members to like or respond to discussions before they can download resources. Feature summary : Options : Enable Choose restriction type : Reply and like Reply only Like only Reaction type : All reactions authorize That the reactions with a positive...
  2. Student

    XF Addon Content Title Edit History 2.3.3

    Pushes title edits into XenForo's Edit History system. Supported content Threads - To see Title history, the "Manage any thread" permission is required. Resources - To see Title history, the "Edit any resource" permission is required. Media - To see Title history, the "Edit any media items"...
  3. Student

    XF Addon [AndyB] Remove moderated post notice 1.2

    Description: Remove moderated post notice for post author. This add-on allows moderators to "Unapprove post" without alerting the post author, the post author will assume their post is still visible to everyone. Example of Unapproved post being viewed by a moderator Features: All phrases...
  4. Student

    XF Addon [OzzModz] Read More Buttons - Expandable Content for Mobile 2.0.0

    This simple addon collapses long areas of content on mobile devices into an expandable block and "Read more..." button. This feature is very similar to the widely seen "Read more" links on Wordpress blogs and many articles on the web. How else is this addon useful? Very long posts or articles...
  5. Student

    XF Addon [OzzModz] Easy Google Fonts 2.0.0

    This small handy addon allows you to easily add Google Font embed codes directly to your theme using a single Style Property, instead of using messy template edits. How to use 1. Visit the Google Fonts website and select your fonts & weights 2. Copy the <link> embed codes supplied on the page...
  6. Student

    XF Addon [OzzModz] Iconify Buttons 2.0.0

    This simple addon condenses the action button row into icon-only buttons, for a slimmer and less bloated UI. Affects buttons such as the following: Mark read/unread Watch/unwatch Add page/update etc Rate Filters ** Not all features will work in [ThemeHouse] UI.X style ** Additionally, you can...
  7. Student

    XF Addon [OzzModz] Advanced Sticky Thread Separator 2.0.0

    Separate sticky and normal threads with labeled headers, or a divider bar. Comes with settings and style properties to customize the appearance with your Xenforo theme. The goal is to create the most powerful sticky thread separator addon, which leaves nothing out. If you have suggestions for...
  8. Student

    XF Addon [OzzModz] Responsive Product Grids for DragonByte eCommerce 2.0.0

    Responsive Product Grids for DragonByte eCommerce adds enhanced, improved product layouts for the popular shop addon by DragonByte Tech. By using flexible grids and device-friendly layouts, you'll have a more consistent appearance for your shop. You can also customize elements of the grid...
  9. Student

    XF Addon [OzzModz] DragonByte eCommerce Product Form Options 2.0.0

    This simple addon allows you to hide unnecessary fields on the product add/edit form in DragonByte eCommerce, along with set default starting values for things like weight, stock, and checking shipping zones. The addon was developed for client usage and is now being made available as a...
  10. Student

    XF Addon [OzzModz] Footer Widget Positions for Nulumia Themes 2.0.0

    This simple addon will add widget positions for the footer columns (A-D) found in Nulumia pro themes. Now in addition to your custom column HTML, you can add any of your favorite Xenforo widgets! Nulumia themes already come bundled with styling for most Xenforo widgets, so they should...
  11. Student

    XF Addon [OzzModz] Expanded Category List Menus 2.0.0

    By default, Xenforo displays category list widgets & menus in the collapsed view. This requires your visitors to click to expand category lists throughout your forum. This addon allows you to choose whether category list widgets should start in the expanded view. Supports: Xenforo Media...
  12. Student

    XF Addon [OzzModz] Template Modification List Tweaks 2.0.0

    Same-Page Download -> Very quick and dirty addon for anyone who may find it useful. I may work on this more but it gets the job done. If you have a test instance with a large number of modifications, this will help clear away clutter so you can focus on what you're working on. Expand or...
  13. Student

    XF Addon [AndyB] Forum reply ban 1.4

    Description: Disallows member from replying in selected forums. Example of Options page Example of error message Features: All phrases start with forumreplyban_ for your convenience. Setup: Go to the Options page and select Include forums and enter Usernames.
  14. Student

    XF Addon [OzzModz] XenPorta Improvements 2.0.0

    ** You MUST have a valid purchased license of XenPorta 2 for this addon to work! ** You can check out XenPorta 2 PRO here. A collection of awesome new features for the widely popular XenPorta 2 Featured Threads addon by 8WayRun! Adds a new horizontal list layout, widget enhancements, animations...
  15. Student

    XF Addon [OzzModz] Breadcrumb Essentials 2.0.0

    Breadcrumb Essentials for Xenforo 2 adds numerous popular and requested features by the Xenforo community! Finally, you can customize your breadcrumb with useful Style Properties which have been missing in XF2. You can also enable the Xenforo 1 appearance, by popular request! Breadcrumb...
  16. Student

    XF Addon [OzzModz] Logo Essentials 2.0.0

    This simple addon provides useful settings and properties for the Xenforo logo, addressing the most often asked questions about logo customization. No more having to search Google or Xenforo.com, or pasting CSS into your theme to make basic changes! Features: Specify optional URL path for the...
  17. Student

    XF Addon [OzzModz] Disable Member Tooltip 2.0.0

    With this simple addon, you can hide the Xenforo member popup to everyone, or from guests only. Member usernames will still be clickable, but will simply point to the member profile without the popup.
  18. Student

    XF Addon [OzzModz] GA-Lite (Google Analytics Lite) 2.0.0

    This simple addon replaces the Google Analytics library with the GA-Lite library, a small cacheable version which can help slim your page size and load by a small amount. GA Lite is open source, and supports most features of the latest official Google API. It was originally created as a means to...
  19. Student

    XF Addon [OzzModz] Advanced Node List Widget 2.0.0

    A handy Xenforo 2 widget for displaying nodes in your sidebar. Choose which nodes to display on a per-widget basis. Respects each node's setting of "Display in the node list" and user(group) permissions, a unique feature over some similar addons. You can also choose to expand or hide categories...
  20. Student

    XF Addon [AndyB] About tab default 1.2

    Description: Makes the About tab in Member view the default selection. Example of About tab
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