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#VersionDescriptionRelease Date
  • Set the language for employee/client
  • Create designation hierarchy
  • Create contract templates
  • Create proposal templates
  • Work from home option while clock-in
  • Work from the home dashboard widget
  • On leave today dashboard widget
  • Add custom project status
  • Lead widget on the dashboard
  • Set which task data to show to clients in task settings
  • Add project shortcodes to identify project and related tasks
  • File upload in events
  • Link field in Events
  • General Bug fixes
06 Sep, 20

  1. Upgrade your PHP VERSION to min 8.0.2 before upgrading
  2. Do not upgrade if your current application version is less than 5.1.7
  • The application is upgraded to Laravel 9 which supports PHP 8 and higher
  • Set monthly leave limit for leave types
  • Choose first or second-half leave type
  • Employees can see default employee profiles of other employees
  • Week view for Shift Roster
  • Upload file in the Knowledge base
  • New Expense Report
  • Now export custom field also in excel
  • Setup Hierarchies in departments
  • Allow auto-clock-in with the first signin of the day
  • General Bug fixes
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Worksuite 5.2.0
Now we are introducing a few new features in our release.


1. Weekly time log widget on employee dashboard
In this update, we add a time log widget that shows the total numbers of time log hours in a week in the employee dashboard so that he/she can track the time log hours of a particular day or the whole week.

login > employee/private dashboard


2. Remark field for shift
When you add remarks during adding employee shifts. For adding a remark you need to log in and add it.

login > HR > Shift roster

After that click on this '+' sign.


And Add Remarks from here.


3. Convert email to tickets
Previously there was no functionality to keep track of important emails so to track all emails we added a new feature to convert emails to tickets in this release, so it will be easy for one to check all the emails in form of tickets. With the help of this feature, one can track all the emails/tickets on a single platform. You can find this setting here-

login > settings > tickets settings > email sync

To implement this feature into your product you need to add a few details like IMAP details to save it. There is a field known as sync interval that is used to check the mail to convert it into tickets at that particular time. For example, if you set 2 minutes sync interval it means after every 2 minutes it will convert all the emails to tickets.


4. Attendance and shift roster bug fixes
We fixed issues related to attendance and the shift roster.

5. Leave bug fixes
In this release, we also fix some leave-related issues.

6. General bug fixes

In our continued effort to make Worksuite the most reliable, we eliminated a number of key bugs in the module.
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VersionDescriptionRelease Date
  • Added milestone start and end date
  • Message settings changes for employee and client
  • Invoice reminder can be set before and after due date
  • Now task labels can be set on project basis also
  • Set application name in app settings
  • Employee dashboard widgets can be managed by admin
  • Bug Fixes
12 Jul, 2022
Change Log: (2022/06/28)

  • Added Row Count dropdown for tables
  • Shift Management UX improvements
  • Project Admin permission improvements
  • Employee dashboard calendar data improvements
  • Google calendar enable/disable option for employee profile
  • Added ticket tabs on client and employee profile
  • Custom fields in lead and ticket forms
  • General Bug Fixes
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