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WP Plugin WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates v13.8.3

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[v13.8.3] - 18.10.2022
- [FIX] NO PA API - title in search page
[v13.8.1] - 22.09.2022
- [FIX] - NO PA API Keys / Chrome Extension - empty title detected
- [FIX] - NO PA API Keys / Chrome Extension - variations detection improved
[v13.8.0] - 20.09.2022
- [FIX] - correct link to latest NO PA API Chrome extension when using "Import Products" when extension not installed.
- [FIX] - NO PRICE issue when importing using the NO PA API method or the Chrome Extension.
- [FIX] - NO PA API Keys / Chrome Extension Amazon.ca (Canada) price without thousands separator issue fixed
[v13.7.9] - 05.09.2022
- [FIX] - phpQuery to work with PHP 7.4+ (PHP Fatal error: Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is no longer supported)
- [FIX] - synchronization logs module fatal error PHP 7.4+
- [FIX] - Merch By Amazon Products (T-Shirts) imported without design on them
v13.7.7 - 19.08.2022
- [FIX] - 90 days cookies (cart), amazon domain redirect issue
[v13.7.6] - 16.08.2022
- [FIX] - Insane Import - Delivery Flags optional search parameter must be array ( )
- [FIX] - 90 days cookies (cart), amazon domain redirect issue (double dot)
[v13.7.5] - 14.06.2022
- [NEW] - Product problem reporting feature (available in each product edit page). By reporting problems you encounter with your products we can better understand the issues that each product has and can fix them in upcoming releases.
[13.7.4] - 02.05.2022
- [FIX] - NO PA API import fix for simple product and variations
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