Redis Cache By Xon

XF Addon Redis Cache By Xon 2.11.4

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Initial php 8.2 compatibility update
  • Fix "Short Thread Count Expiry time" and "Thread Count Expiry time" options where swapped.
  • Support caching item-counts in @Bob's Review Management System
Fix possible redis compatibility issue which may result in empty css being returned instead of a 404
  • Fix several php 8.1 compatibility issues with Redis sentinel usage
  • Fix bad default port for raw IP when connnecting to multiple redis sentinels
  • Fix support for Redis v7+ high-availability using Redis Sentinel
  • Add support for redis auth via username/password (vs just password). Requires redis v6+
    $config['cache']['config']['username'] = 'myUsername'; // requires redis 6+, or for cloud redis installations
    $config['cache']['config']['password'] = '....';
  • Improve SSL/TLS support, exposing tls/ssl options.
    $config['cache']['config']['server'] = 'ssl://';
    // See for details
    $config['cache']['config']['tlsOptions'] = [
    'SNI_enabled' => true,
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