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WP Plugin Divi Booster WordPress Plugin v3.9.6

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= v3.9.6 =
* Fixed top header text setting incorrectly overriding header text background color
= v3.9.4 =
* Added option to blog module to show posts for a specific author
= v3.9.3 =
* Added option to sort gallery images alphabetically
= v3.9.2 =
* Blog module tags feature now supports custom post types such as projects
= v3.9.1 =
* Fixed accordion open by default option not working when ID set
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= v3.9.0 =
* Updated description of portfolio project order feature
* Added option to set border radius in slider text background feature
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= v3.8.9 =
* Added vertical align option to menu module site title & tagline feature
* Added option to place the site title below the logo
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= v3.8.8 =
* Fixed WP Rocket affecting custom icon feature
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* Fixed option to vertically center header links hiding page content
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* Fixed slider "run once" option not working when continue on hover enabled
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