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Minor update...
  • Give human-readable error when the domain/zone does not exist on Cloudflare account when trying to work with it.
  • Handling of Access policy creation when some admins have no email address.
  • Better handling of favicons when using unfurl proxy and destination is using relative favicons.
  • Removed stray variable in a tooltip
  • Fixed issue where setting values considered "good" when disabled would show the opposite value for their setting (things like Development Mode and Rocket Loader which are considered "good" when disabled)
  • New User registration option: Registration form is an overlay
  • Added ability to auto-configure Cloudflare firewall filter rule to force new registrations to go through managed challenge (helps mitigate automated spam registrations)
  • Adds 24 solve rate metrics for firewall filter rules (needs new "Zone.Analytics: Read" permission)
IMPORTANT for existing users: The new solve rate metric requires a new permission for the API Token you use. You can go to your , edit the token you have and add the Zone.Analytics: Read permission.

  • Ability to use a Cloudflare Worker as a backend image proxy to hide the origin server's IP address when XenForo's image proxy fetches the image
  • Some minor cosmetic tweaks to Cloudflare lists of things in admin area
IMPORTANT for existing users: The setup of the Cloudflare Workers image proxy system requires a new permission for the API Token you use, you can go to your , edit the token you have and add the Account.Workers Scripts: Edit permission.

This gives you an easy/fast/reliable/free way to hide your server's origin IP from someone trying to get it for malicious purposes.

  • Fixed issue where changes to Argo Tiered Cache setting wouldn't update via API (for real this time).
  • Fixed issue where generation of Cloudflare backup would try to use zone-level permissions for Access instead of account-level.
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